Headings and Linings

Headings: we offer several styles of headings for your curtains. Please see all the options below. If you have any queries about which style to use please do not hesitate to contact us be email or by phone if you wish to discuss in person. 01306 711081

Pinch pleat: these can be double or triple style as the pictures show. This is a smart and structured heading style. please add both photos , double and triple

Goblet pleat: A more classic ad grand style tubular pleat pulled in at the base

Cartridge pleat: similar to the goblet pleat with a tubular style but NOT pinched in at the base

Pencil pleat: the standard form of pleated heading created by a tape with draw cords.

Wave pleat:  gentle continuous folds undulate back ad forth. NOTE this heading is for use with poles only NOT tracks

Tab top: Fabric loops attached to the curtain through which your pole passes. This heading is for use with poles only NOT tracks

Eyelets: Metal eyelets are inserted through the fabric to allow the pole to pass trough the head of the curtain. A great contemporary style. Eyelet are 40mm and available in several metal finishes. For use with poles of 30mm diameter and under.

There are 3 choices of linings,

Option 1 is single lining, this is the standard form of cotton sateen lining.

Option 2 is blackout lining, this stops most light filtering through and is very popular in children’s rooms.

Option 3 is interlining. This is a “padded” layer in-between the fabric and single lining. It makes curtains very thick and can help with insulating drafts.

To get started, visit the How to Measure page and follow the simple guidelines.