1/ We will return your finished curtains to you within 28 days of acknowledging receipt of your order.

2/ Orders for more than 3 pairs from a single customer may be subject to a 40 day delivery period.

3/ Your curtains will be returned to you by a secure delivery service requiring a signature for receipt. We do not accept any responsibility for curtains left at un-attended premises.

4/ If supplying your own fabric you are responsible for posting it to Curtain Craft by a secure delivery service. We do not accept responsibility for fabric lost in transit to us.

5/ Curtains are made according to the measurements supplied by the customer and we cannot accept responsibility for incorrectly measuring or incorrectly completed order forms.

6/ It is the customers responsibility to check when measuring that any un-eveness in the floor or ceiling level has been accounted for when measuring finished lengths for the curtains.

7/ Advice given on types of fabric is as a guidance only. Should you provide a fabric which is deemed unsuitable you will be advised of this immediately upon its receipt and the fabric will be returned to you.

8/ Check pattern fabrics have a tendency to “run out” making it difficult to pattern match. In the event of a check pattern fabric being selected, every effort will be made to attain the best pattern match possible but a precise match cannot be guaranteed.

9/ In the event of curtain going missing or being damaged in return transit, Curtain Craft will endeavour to obtain replacement value from the carrier. However, Curtain Craft will not pay to the customer any replacement value until settlement is received from the carrier. No compensation will be paid to the customer by Curtain Craft in the event of late delivery caused by the failure of the carriers services.

10/ Payments are processed once your curtains are in production and not before. Finished curtains will not be despatched until payment has cleared into Curtain Craft’s account. In the event of a failed payment, Curtain Craft will contact the customer to advise this and seek an alternative payment. Curtain will not be despatched until a failed payment has been rectified. Should this result in a delivery in excess of 28 days, Curtain Craft will accept no responsibility for this.

11/ In the event tha a customer selects a fabric from our ranges which is subsequently found to be out of stock, this may cause the 28 day delivery to be extended. We will advise customers by email if there is to be a delay of this nature.

To get started, visit the How to Measure page and follow the simple guidelines.